Behaviour Support Services & More

We have experienced Practitioners in Gold Coast Queensland and surrounding areas. Please contact our Head office on 1300 10 10 69 or for further information.

Behaviour Support Services & More

We have experienced Practitioners in Sunshine Coast Queensland and surrounding areas. Please contact our Head office on 1300 10 10 69 or for further information.

Behaviour Support Services & More

We have experienced Practitioners in Cairns Queensland and surrounding areas. Please contact our Head office on 1300 10 10 69 or for further information.

Positive Behaviour Support Services Brisbane

Kameleon Group is a NDIS provider in Brisbane, we have highly skilled practitioners based in Brisbane for face-to-face supports and other locations in Brisbane, we offer Behaviour Support services via telehealth.

Our Brisbane-based Behaviour Support Specialists deliver home-based services, conveniently at your Home, Workplace or other locations convenient for you. In Brisbane, the Kameleon Group provides support to participants of all ages, from infants to senior citizens, offering personalised assistance based on each individual’s specific needs. This vital service profoundly impacts the lives of those with disabilities in Australia.

n addition to in-person visits, Kameleon Group also offers telehealth services.

Telehealth, also known as virtual consultations, allows participants to receive support remotely through video conferencing technology. This option is particularly valuable for our participants who may not be able to access our services in person due to mobility issues, or other constraints.

Telehealth appointments provide the same level of support as in-person visits. Our practitioners will conduct appointments in the same process as in-person appointments.

Contact Your Behaviour Support Service In Brisbane

This process of booking an appointment consists of:

  • Making a referral via our website – you will receive a call from the intake team within 5 business days.
  • A designated Practitioner will be allocated to you or you will be placed on a waiting list.
  • Once you have been allocated a Practitioner, a Service Agreement will be sent out for review, Following a signature a Practitioner will call you within 5 business days to set up an initial meeting.
  • After meeting with your Practitioner, an Initial Assessment Summary will outline the support we will provide.
  • A Behaviour Support Plan will be completed
  • Implementation of Strategies
  • Outcomes report for your next NDIS Review.

If you are a NDIS participant in search of a Behaviour Support in Brisbane, we would love to discuss your requirements and determining how we can facilitate your journey towards achieving your goals. Contact us today to find out more about our services.

We have experienced Practitioners in Brisbane and surrounding areas. Please contact the Kameleon Group Head office on 1300 10 10 69 or for further information.

John is the Director of Training and Non- training Solutions at Kameleon Group working across Brisbane, Queensland.
John has qualifications in education including a Masters in Philosophy from the University of Queensland and is pursuing a PhD with the University of Technology Sydney. He has experience working as a Behaviour Support Practitioner at Kameleon Group.

John has extensive clinical experience designing and implementing positive behavioural interventions. He’s spent time with the Centre of Excellence in Behaviour Support as the acting Director of Learning and Development. During this time John coordinated development and delivery of the Functional Assessment and Positive Behaviour Support Training package in order to provide knowledge and skill development for staff and parents.

John has published in peer-reviewed journals and international conferences. His research interests include positive behaviour support and organisational behaviour management in human service settings.

Amy is a Behaviour Support Practitioner at Kameleon Group working across the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Amy is a Board-Certified Behaviour Analyst with astute experience as a Behaviour Analyst, Case Manager, Behaviour Therapist & ABA Specialist.

Amy is forward thinking and passionate about personal growth and learning. She is constantly reviewing her practice to ensure she can provide high quality and ethical service delivery.

Amy loves assisting individuals to work towards meaningful goals and skill development. She aims to listen, empower, create joy for her clients as well as bring light to Applied Behaviour Analysis and make it more accessible and easily interpretable.

Faith is a Behaviour Support Practitioner and Clinical Lead at Kameleon Group working across Cairns, Queensland.

Faith has a Bachelor of Communication and a Bachelor of Education (Early
Childhood) and a Master of Guidance & Counselling.

Faith is passionate about working with and supporting people to achieve optimal life
outcomes. Her early experiences were in teaching, however, over the last ten years
she’s worked with both children, young people and adults. Throughout this time
Faith has fostered a passion for learning people’s life stories and assisting them to develop and grow.

Faith loves hiking around Cairns’ amazing walking trails, relaxing in the freshwater
swimming holes, and hanging out at home with her two pugs, Snickers and Doug as
well as Biscuit, her rescue dog.


Michelle is a Behaviour Support Practitioner at Kameleon Group working across the Cairns area of Queensland.

Michelle has over 6 years’ experience in Positive Behaviour Support, with client ages ranging from 4 years to 60+ years old. In addition, she has lived experience, increasing her empathy towards parents and caregivers. Michelle enjoys investigating the reason behind the behaviours presented, and identifying the steps required towards reaching the client’s goals, and then working closely with the client’s team to ensure/measure success.

Michelle has previously worked as part of early intervention multidisciplinary teams for children and families, and autonomously with adults showing complex presentations due to their disability, mental health and/or trauma-related addictions.

Nina is a Behaviour Specialist and Clinical Lead at Kameleon Group working across the northern suburbs of Brisbane. Nina has extensive experience working with NDIS participants ranging from adolescents transitioning out of Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention to older individuals and the Forensic Disability Service.

Nina is driven by a passion for understanding complex behaviours, disseminating evidence based strategies and utilising them to enrich the lives of individuals, families and communities through her person-centred approach.

Brooklynn is a RBT and a Behaviour Support Practitioner working for Kameleon Group across the Gold Coast, QLD.

Brooklynn began her career by completing undergraduate studies through the Meredith College Autism Program in North Carolina, USA and continued to work in the US until moving to the Gold Coast in 2022. Shortly after moving to Australia she began to pursue her Board Certification as a Behaviour Analyst by beginning my Masters of Applied Behaviour Analysis at Griffith University. Brooklynn is currently working on her dissertation where she is assessing the barriers to implementing an online platform for NDIS participants to stay active and healthy.

Brooklynn has experience working with early intervention through early childhood (ages 18mos-10 years old). She has worked with an extensive range of challenging behaviours, needs and abilities of her clients and has assisted in teaching ways of functional communication to meet their wants and needs. She has worked closely with parents and caregivers in parent training sessions to have the most success in their homes and out in their communities.

Brooklynn loves seeing the progress in the kids that she works with when they finally reach a goal or achieve something that has been difficult for them. She feels that the most rewarding part of being a Behaviour Support Practitioner is getting to know each child as an individual, learn about their favourite interests and hobbies, and helping families explore these with their child.

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