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Behaviour Support Services Sydney

As a NDIS provider, Kameleon Group is proud to provide specialist behaviour support service in Sydney for all ages between 2 and 65 years. Our Sydney-based Behaviour Support Specialists deliver home based services, conveniently at your home, workplace or other locations convenient for you.

For those who may not be able to access our services in person due to mobility issues, or other constraints, we also offer telehealth service. Telehealth appointments provide the same level of support as in-person visits. Our practitioners will conduct appointments in the same process as in-person appointments.

The Process Of Behaviour Support Services

The process of behaviour support services consists of 7 easy steps: 

1. Making a referral via our website – you will receive a call from the intake team within 5 business days.

2. A designated Practitioner will be allocated to you or you will be placed on a waiting list.

3. Once you have been allocated a Practitioner, a Service Agreement will be sent out for review, Following a signature a Practitioner will call you within 5 business days to set up an initial meeting.

4. After meeting with your Practitioner, an Initial Assessment Summary will outline the support we will provide.

5. A Behaviour Support Plan will be completed.

6. Implementation of Strategies.

7. Outcomes report for your next NDIS Review.

If you are a NDIS participant in search of a Behaviour Support in Sydney, we would love to discuss your requirements and determining how we can facilitate your journey towards achieving your goals. Contact us today to find out more about our services.

We have experienced Practitioners in Sydney and surrounding areas. Please contact the Kameleon Group Head office on 1300 10 10 69 or enquire@kameleongroup.com.au for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Applied Behaviour Analysis is a science. It provides us with scientific information on how a person interacts with their environment and the impact their interactions have. Basically it is the science of how behaviour works.

Applied Behaviour Analysis is not a ‘therapy’ or a ‘methodology’. It is a scientific, data driven approach to behaviour. This data assists our Practitioners to devise person-centred, effective behaviour support plans.

As every Kameleon Participant is an individual and is treated as an individual it is very hard to give an indication of cost to develop a support plan. The process includes includes functional assessment interviews, observations and interactions with the person and their support team, assessment of skill areas, write up of the support plan itself, development of individualised programs and creating the datasheets.
After initial assessments have been undertaken your Practitioner will be able to give an indication of the time required to develop a plan. Kameleon Group charges the current NDIS rates per hour for services.

We do our best to finalise the plan within 2-3 months (if there are no restrictive practices). This timeframe is dependent upon the availability of the person themselves and the key people in their lives. You will receive a schedule of support with more specific timeframes from your practitioner prior to the work being undertaken. ​

The Collaborative Problem Solving model (CPSM) is a methodology that works within the underlying philosophy that all children and young people do the best they can within the environment they exist in. If a child or young person can be successful, they will be.

It looks at the expectations placed on the child or young person and draws comparisons to the child’s skills. When mismatches occur, the child does not have the skill to meet the expectations, and often result in behaviours that challenge.

Kameleon Group does not provide ‘critical’ services. However we understand that in situations of disasters or emergencies, we need to ensure services continue to be provided. Our response will include the provision of services by an alternate practitioner, or the provision of services by telehealth. We will consult with you during these times and provide options of service delivery to meet your needs.

The Kameleon Group charges the current NDIS rates per hour​ for services. We include travel costs and we come to you at home, at school, in the community.

If your school is interested in behaviour support to work in partnership with them, please call our office on 1300 10 10 69 to discuss our options.

Our Behaviour Support Specialists deliver home based services, at your home, workplace or other locations convenient for you.

In addition to in-person visits Kameleon Group also offers telehealth services.

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