We utilise the methodology of Positive behaviour support, Trauma-informed care, Collaborative Problem Solving , EDSM and utilise the science of behaviour to develop individualised learning programs for children, adolescents and adults of all abilities.

Here is our unique process:

  1. Functional assessment interview with parents/caregivers.
  2. Observations and interactions with the client across two different environments.
  3. Comprehensive skills assessment (age appropriate)
  4. Quality of Life assessment
  5. Undertake a functional analysis to ascertain what is occuring, where is it occuring, when and with whom.
  6. Develop individualised programs to systematically increase identified skill areas whilst decreasing behaviours that interfere with the person achieving their goals.
  7. Support the family and support team, whilst undertaking data so we can provide evidence to the families and the NDIS of what works.
  8. Parent/caregiver support.

At Kameleon group, all of our practitioners hold undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications, as well as receive specific training in a variety of positive approaches. We have practitioners that hold high level qualifications and experiences, including; doctorate neuropsychology, certified behaviour analysts, specialist teachers, psychologists and social workers.

Kameleon Group is committed to ensuring the continuity of services, which includes situations of disaster or emergencies. Kameleon Group’s provision of services do not include ‘critical’ support, however we understand that clients and families require options of service delivery during these times. Therefore, all clients and families will be provided with the option to receive services by an alternate practitioner and also services via telehealth to meet clients needs.

If you would like to know more about how we can support you or your family, get in touch with us today.